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YEAR 2019

More than 120 musicians from 12 countries participated in the XXIV International jazz province festival: Russia, USA, England, Georgia, Argentina, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Indonesia.
The Kursk brand "Jazz province" was successfully presented in 9 cities of Russia (Moscow, Tula, Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir, Voronezh, Orel, Lipetsk, Podolsk).
On October 25, 26, 27, 28 and November 3, Kursk hosted concerts of the Jazz province festival.
Since this year, there have been a number of significant changes in the festival, which are both educational and social.
For the first time in Kursk, 9 concerts were held at the Central venues of the city. More than 25 outstanding musicians took part in master classes.
For the first time, thanks to the support of the Kursk region administration, the festival was available to literally everyone, since the price for 85% of concert tickets was 300-350 rubles.
For the first time, the regional administration presented a concert for young people (October 28) with the participation of outstanding jazz musicians.
For the first time, the festival was held not only in Kursk, but also in the region, namely in Kurchatov.
For the first time in Kursk, a presentation of the festival took place on red Square with the participation of iconic Russian jazz musicians Igor Butman, Vadim Eilenkrig, the outstanding Brazilian singer Sergio Bastos and the ethno-jazz project "Vintskevich and the Rostan choir", which received the European miles Davis award.
This beginning is a significant tradition for the city, as this event was attended by several thousand people. The entire concert was broadcast online by the Seim TV channel and on the waves of radio Kurs.
For the first time, the guest of the festival was the project "Generation of stars", which is headed by an outstanding classical musician: Boris Andrianov (winner of international competitions named after D. D. Shostakovich, P. I. Tchaikovsky and others).
For the first time at the festival, a percussion ensemble was presented, where a new generation of musicians from DSHI No. 6, the head of which is Nikolay Yemelyanov, participates.
For the first time during all the days of the festival (from October 25 to November 3), the festival club "Silver factory" worked in Kursk, where 4 memorable concerts were held.
Traditional educational (free) concerts and master classes for the new generation were held at the Sviridov KMK, the College of culture, the music boarding College for the visually impaired, DSHI No. 6, and the Palace of pioneers. The lecture for musicologists and journalists was given by Vladimir feyertag, honored artist of Russia, educator of jazz in our country, author of three encyclopedias about jazz, many articles and books.
The festival included exhibitions by members of the Union of artists of Russia Vladimir Daibov, Yuri Gludza, Vladimir Kanishchev, and photographer Denis Kharitonov.
More than 4 thousand people were introduced to the best samples of jazz music from all over the world.
The festival was covered by the Federal radio stations "Kurs", "Radiojazz", portals " jazz.ru " and "JazzPeople", TV channel"Culture".
The festival was held with the participation of all the musicians who were announced in the concert programs-2019.


Mössinger Trio   (Германия / США)

Johannes Messinger (piano)

Andy Hunter (trombone)

Dan Loomis (bass)

Krzysztof Kobylinski & Daniele Di Bonaventura (Poland /Italy)

Krzysztof Kobylinsky (piano)

Daniele Di Bonaventura (bandoneon)

Anton Silaev & Block[BASS]ter

Anton Silaev-trumpet, electronics

Dmitry Saparin-tuba

Anatoly kozhaev-double bass

Denis Lipatov - drums

Tamara Zubova-video, flute

Mads Mathias  & Mads Kjølby Combo (Denmark)

Mads Mathias - (vocals, saxophone)

Mads Kjølbi - (guitar)

Soren Meller - (piano)

Snorr Kirk - (drums)

Morten Ankerfelt - (bass)

THE CHANGE – (England/ Russia/ Indonesia / Chile)

Zhenya Strigalev - (saxophones, effects)

Federico Dannemann - (guitar)

Zoltan Rinaldi - (bass)

Jamie Murray – (drums)

The Georgian Six – Georgia

Ketevan Kartvelishvili (soprano)

Solomon Gogilashvili (vocals)

Irakli Tkvatsiria (vocals)

Vano Dvalishvili (vocals)

Tornike Merabishvili (vocals)

Zviad Michilashvili (vocals)

Sweet Megg – USA

Sam Chess – (trombone)

Ryan Weisheit – (multi-instrumentalist)

Thor Jensen – (tuba)

Brian Reader – (piano)

Christopher Gelb – (drums)

Peter Vostokov's big Jazz Orchestra

Eilenkrig Vadim & Eilenkrig Crew

Eilenkrig Vadim (trumpet)

Alexander Mashin (drums)

Konstantin Safyanov (saxophone, flute)

Mkrtchyan Armen (bass)

Farmakovsky Ivan (piano)

Mospan Dmitry (saxophone)

Symphojazz Ivanov brothers

Andrey Ivanov (double bass)

Orbach Polina Yurievna (vocals)

Drummer school & Nikolay Yemelyanov

Daniel Gulevich – Snare drum

Alexey Apukhtin – Cowbell, conga, timbales

Roman Kulik-Piccolo

Ilya Nemchenko - Cajón

Alexander Alyabiev – Congo, bongo, bell's

Vintskevich – Taylor Project

Leonid Vintskevich (piano)

Steve Kershaw (double bass)

Joel Taylor (drums)

Eve Cornelious (vocals)

Ksenia Korobkova (vocals)

Nikolai Vintskevich (saxophones)

Vartan Babayan (drums)

Alexander Malakhovsky (guitar)

Борис Андрианов и «Поколение звёзд»

Борис Андрианов (виолончель)

Anna Koshkina (cello)

Nikolay Sivchuk (Bayan)

Paul van Kemanade &Budha Building a.k.a. Johannes Timmermans (Holland)

Paul van Kemenade (saxophone)

Johannes Timmermans (electronics/samples)

Jörg Hegemann (Royal, Germany)

Sergio Bastos (guitar/vocals) - Brazil

IGOR BUTMAN and the Moscow jazz orchestra

Igor Butman (saxophone)

Sergey Korchagin (double bass)

Oleg Akkuratov (piano, vocals)

Daniel Nikitin (saxophone)

Alexander Dovgopoly (saxophone)

Anton Chikurov (saxophone)

Ilya Morozov (saxophone)

Hayk Grigoryan (trumpet)

Alexander Berenson (trumpet)

Pavel Zhulin (trumpet)

Ivan Akatov (trumpet)

Oleg Borodin (trombone)

Pavel Ovchinnikov (trombone)

Nikolay Shevnin (trombone)

Sergey Dolzhenkov (trombone)

Eugene Pobozhy (guitar)

Eugene potsikailik (guitar)

Eduard Zizak (drums)

Boris feyertag-presenter


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