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YEAR 2007

«… «At the end of the first decade of November Voronezh was overwhelmed by a real wave of the jazz music: the most talented musicians from different countries of the world visited city during the XII International festival «The Jazz Province 2007» that was held by the local Voronezh philharmonic. It was impossible to stay indifferent to all you might have heard and seen there. Perhaps it was «The Jazz Province» that helped someone to discover the whole new world, so surprising and full of inner fire, emotions and freedom. The world is the Ocean. The Ocean of the Jazz….»

(«The Lipetsk Newspaper», 2007)

XII International festival «The Jazz Province» had a usual number of peculiarities that annually make this festival different from time to time.

So one of the most extravagant bossa performers that worked with father-founder of the style Antonio Carlos Jobim for ten years, an owner of «Grammy» reward Mausha Adnet took part in that tour. Besides Mausha herself the «bossa-nova miracle» was performed by New-York trombonist, three times loureat of «Grammy» reward Jay Ashby, pianist Leonid Vintskevich, a drummer from Los-Angeles Joel Taylor, saxophonist Nikolai Vintskevich and a bass-player Kip Reed.

«Camerata» collective could be found among the other participants. «Camerata» is a Belorussian collective that perform in a’capella style. Also by the invitation of Leonid Vintskevich himself German avant-garde came to the festival. It was a «Loemsch Duo» team, represented by saxophonist Bernhardt Lemann (Loemsch) and contrabassist Sebastian Gramss.

Another surprise prepared by the organaizers of the festival was a visit of the one of the most demanded bass-guitar players in modern jazz Victor Bailey with his quartet.

But it is a common knowledge that an old friend is better than new two. The musicians from Lithuania have this «old friends» ranking for surely long. Whatever surprises were prepared by «The Province» there was no doubt that one of the sets of the festival program would be assuredly excellent, and this is the Lithuanian one. For the last two years «The Province» welcomed an outstanding Lithuanian quartet «Jazz Four» in which structure there are Leonid Shinkarenko (bass-guitar), Daynus Pulauskas (keyboardist, pianoforte), Linas Buda (drummer), Valerius Ramoshka (tuber, flugelhorn). Among the familiar collectives there was an England-Danish-Swedish trio «Stekpanna».

Besides, Alexey Kozlov, an ageless maestro of Russian jazz, and his «Arsenal» ensemble took part in the festival. They represented the new program with participation of a violinist Felix Lahuti – the only musician in our country who plays five-string electro violin, a loureat of the youth award «Triumph»-2002.

In 2007 it was managed to gather no less than thirty musicians from elven countries, and three «Grammy» loureats were among them. It was for the first time when concerts of the festival were held in Kurchatov and in Staryi Oskol.ом Осколе.


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