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YEAR 1997

«… And there have also been (the capital be jealous!) Leonid Vintskevich (Kursk), Aleksander Oseinchuk (Moscow), Lembit Saarsalu (Estonia), Igor Buthman (USA), Yuriy Genbachev (Moscow), Valeriy Kolesnikov (Ukraine) – about 70 participants in general. Musicians have said that it was easier to meet such bands somewhere out in Western Europe or America rather than in Russia in those three days of the festival. Classical jazz was played, and also the experimental music was heard then (musical conception of the festival deserves a special topic). The young musicians stood side by side with veterans, and there was a full house.»

(M. Gordova “Challenged” Kursk international 
festival “Jazz Province - 97”, 
“Culture” newspaper, 12.06.1997)

There were three concerts as a part of “Jazz Province” in Kursk where Estonian saxophonist Lembit Saarsalu took part. Vintskevich and Saarsalu performed together at jazz festivals in Estonia, Russia, USA, German, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holland, Czechoslovakia, France. They were considered as the best duet from Europe by musical critics at the American jazz festival of Lionel Hampton. After that legendary Hampton gave a saxophone to Lembit, which is still used by him, and Leonid Vintskevich was granted with a whole pack of electronic music instruments. Saarsalu and Vintskevich played together with such famous musicians as Elvin Johns, Benny Golson, Jo Lovano, Kevin Mahogani and several times with Lionel Hampton himself and his orchestra.

There was also a concert in Lipetsk where I. Vereshyagina, V. Budarina, L. Saarsalu, N. Vintskevich, V. Kolesnikova, E. Onishenko, O. Yudanova and I. Ignatova took part. (L. Vintskevich was preparing for “Jazz rally” of Ivanov brothers in Moscow, that’s why he didn’t take part in Lipetsk festival in 1997).


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