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YEAR 2004

“The jazz wave went through all the cities of the Chernozemye region. International festival “The Jazz Province” – its’ number is nine – gathered the best musicians from Russia, England, Germany, Finland… From Kursk to Voronezh, from Voronezh to Lipetsk and so on the festival was in permanent motion.”

(“The Russian Newspaper”, 12.11.04.)

The ninth international festival “The Jazz Province” appeared to be very puzzling for its managers. Because of the financial difficulties concerts were held only at five cities of Russia: Kursk, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk and Moscow.

The majority of the participants of this year festival consisted of those, who had taken part in the festival previous year, such as debutants of 2003 “Lera Gekhner Band” and the quartet under composer and guitarist Ivan Smirnov’s management.

Constant participants: Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich, Estonian saxophonist Lembit Saarsalu, Ukrainian contrabass player Denis Dudko; “The Green Wave” ensemble under Aleksander Oseichuk’s management, who represented a vocalist Karina Kozhevnikova to the public; a virtuoso from Voronezh, jazz pianist Igor Fineboim. He was accompanied by “Midnight Jazz Band”, which consisted of Anton Djolondzya (a violinist) and Valeriy Buthrin (a drummer); the “Stekpanna” trio.

There also were newbies: “We are from jazz” quartet under a people’s artist of Russia, a conductor, an arranger and a pianist Anatoly Croll; “VIB QUARTET”, which included a vibraphonist Sergey Chernishev, a guitarist Igor Zolotukhin, a contrabass player Dmitry Lee, a drummer Victor Epaneshnikov and the others.


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