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«Leonid Vintskevich is taken as one of the most exciting experimenter in the modern Russian jazz. On the following concert of the festival he managed to surprise the listeners and watchers by his cooperative performance with a folklore-ethnographic ensemble “Rostan” from Sudzha. The project was complemented by the masters of improvisational music: American bass-guitar player Kip Reed, drummer Joel Taylor and guitarist Mike Miller. Russian folk music modified by jazz was accepted with a great joy and applause. «This project became a magnificent try to synthesize authentic, original music and modern jazz to create a completely new music so deep and interesting», - jazz experts agree.»

(Olga Gnezdilova, Voronezh city, 2012)

The “Jazz Province” festival was held for seventeen time in 2012 and was devoted to the 90th anniversary of Russian jazz.

This year a world-known guitarist Mike Miller took part in the festival. He used to work together with many famous musicians and with Chiko Korea in particular.

During the festival a project was represented. Its authors combined jazz music and folk music, and ethnographic ensemble “Rostan” in particular performed the old ritual songs in accompaniment of the bass-guitar (Kip Reed), drums (Joel Taylor) and a saxophone (Nikolai Vintskevich).

Also it was a great luck for the audience in different cities to listen to the Ernie Watts’ saxophone. Ernie is a two-time “Grammy” reward winner.

The “Jazz Province” festival went through twelve cities of Russia. The festival started its way in Kursk. It was the second time when the festival was held in Pskov after a seven-year break.


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