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YEAR 2017

The 22nd international festival "Jazz province" was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous American jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald. It was attended by about 100 musicians from 15 countries. 13 cities of the Russian Federation were covered.

"The Kursk regional Philharmonic has experienced a real pilgrimage of fans of improvisational music. Interest in the final concert of the international festival "Jazz province" was so great that the audience took seats not only in the aisles of the concert hall, but even on the technical balcony. However, this is not surprising, for twenty-two years of existence, the festival has turned into one of the most large-scale and unusual events in the musical life of our region and not only our region", - 46TV, Kursk
"The festival is known in Europe because European musicians are represented at any festival. As for the Americans, in this case, the us Embassy helps. Officially, they said on TV that culture should develop. That's why we can invite American artists ", - Vladimir feyertag, honored artist of Russia.

"The festival should be of different stylistic orientation. In other words, it can't be just mainstream or avant-garde music, " said Leonid Vintskevich, honored artist of the Russian Federation and honored artist of the Russian Federation

The festival was based not only on classical jazz. So, in addition to the brilliant performances of the ensemble" New art "Vintskevichy and" Trombone Show " Maxim Piganov, the audience was waiting for a real performance with scenery from the musical "only girls in jazz" (GITIS workshop of Stas Namin).

I was impressed by the performance with the electronic bass sound of the Moscow band Block[BASS]ter. Low sound frequencies, in addition to the usual double bass, provided a rare tuba, and electronic noise-the legendary theremin. Plus, on the big screen, a hand-drawn action unfolded. The multi-instrumentalist Arkady Shilkloper aroused special interest by demonstrating the fascinating sound of a five-meter Alpine horn.

Well-known and young Russian and foreign musicians performed at the festival concerts, more information about which can be found below.


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