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Leonid Junior

Leonid Morozov - the youngest of the musical dynasty Vintskevich. No doubt, he is endowed with nature by the musical genome of his family. The house constantly sounded music. In the Vinzkevich dynasty, from grandfather to uncle, everyone was engaged in music and owned a game on different musical instruments - violin, piano, guitar, saxophone.

From the age of 9 began to master the harmonica, took lessons from the famous musician from St. Petersburg Maxim Nekrasov, who professionally owns such a rare instrument as a chromatic harmonica. At the same time, Leonya became interested in guitar and studied with Moscow guitarist Igor Zolotukhin, who for ten years was a soloist of the State Ludstrem Orchestra of Jazz Music. Also, Lyonya constantly takes lessons from the patriarch of the national guitar school, People's Artist of Russia Alexei Kuznetsov and one of the best teachers of jazz guitar in Russia Mikhail Sudzhyan.

Undoubtedly, his grandfather, the honored artist of Russia Leonid Vintskevich, the art director of the international festival "Jazz Province" renders the main influence and active help in the formation of the young musician, who became his first and main teacher.

At present, Lyonya is a 2nd year student of KVM named after GV Sviridov in guitar class, teacher Oleg Ovcharenko. In parallel with studies, the young musician is actively engaged in concert activities, developing his skills.

In 2014, Lenya took part in the tour of the international festival "Jazz Province", where he performed on the same stage with such famous musicians as: Josh Smith (USA, guitar), Steve Kershaw (England, c / bass), People's Artist of Russia Alexei Kuznetsov , Leonid, Sergei and Nikolai Vinkevitch, Vartan Babayan, Polina Zizak. And his performances at the concerts of the jubilee XX festival "Jazz Province" last year became a debut for Lena, and for the art director of the festival Leonid Vinkevich it is the hope that in the person of his grandson the musical traditions in the 5th generation will be continued.

Participation in festivals: 2014, 20152016, 2017