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Paul Van Kemenade 'classic' quintet

Jeroen Van Vliet - piano,
Eric Van Der Westen - double bass,
Pieter Bast - drums,
Louk Boudesteijn - trombone,
Paul Van Kemenade - altosax.

The quintet 2.0 was founded in 1989 by Dutch altoist and composer Paul Van Kemenade (1957) and the band played hundreds of concerts in the Netherlands and abroad. The quintet played in this setting for almost 20 year together and recorded a dozen LP's and CD's. They combined their music with totally different musical disciplines and cultures and played with wind- and brassbands, popbands and symphonic orchestras. Van Kemenade has a longterm relationship with South African musicians Feya Faku, Louis Mhlanga, Sydney Mnisi and Sonti Mndebele. The quintet performed with artist such as David Murray, Kenny Wheeler, Zim Ngqwana, Philip Catherine, Pierre Blanchard, David Linx, les frères Guissé etc.

Nowadays the bandmembers have their international career but every once and a while the quintet comes together for special occasions to perform abroad. When they do, they enjoy each others musicianship and play mostly the leader's original compositions.

Van Kemenade received a Royal decoration in 2007 and in 1999 the Dutch 'Boy Edgar Prijs' which is the national ouevre award for jazzmusicians for their contribution in jazz. Van Kemenade's cd 'Close Enough' has been rewarded with 5 stars in the prestigious American magazine Downbeat. Van Vliet received the 'Boy Edgar Prijs' ouevre award in 2014.

The quintet 2.0 discography:
1990 Missacity
1994 Mo's Mood
1996 Just For The Occasion
1997 Live in Sweden
1999 Zvinoshamisa
2000 To Be Continued...
2001 A Night in Indonesia
2003 Fouta
2006 Mexi Cosy
2007 No Way Station

Press quotes:
'This ensemble is one of the best bands that the Dutch jazz has ever known'. Jazzenzo
'Grandiose, memorable, top level, generous, absolute classic in the Dutch jazz scene, freely, skilled, technically brilliant, glorious, tear jerking and imposing'. Jazznu
'With his Classic Quintet the alto saxophone virtuoso is a clear crowd favorite'. 3voon12
'The quintet in top form, authentic, timeless and one of the highlights of the Dutch jazz history decided in a memorable way the 25th edition of Stranger Than Paranoia'. Jazzenzo

Participation in festivals: 2018