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Anton Silaev - pipe, electronics;
Dmitry Saparin - tuba;
Anatoly Kozhaev - contrabass;
Denis Lipatov - drums;
Tamara Zubova - flute.

The quartet was created by composer and musician Anton Silaev in June 2014. Work on music in the cinema ... A lot of musical ideas ... So the idea arose to collect "Block[BASS]ter".

Two acoustic basses: tuba and contrabass are a bold and non-trivial solution organically combined with melodic lines of the pipe, drum rhythms and sounds of various electronic devices

Music Block[BASS]ter combines TripHop, Downtempo, Electrojazz, Cinematic Jazz, Ambient, Minimalism, Experimental, free improvisation.

Anton Silaev is a film composer, a multi-instrumentalist, whose main instrument is the trumpet. Professionally owns traditional methods of sound production, Anton is constantly experimenting with his instrument, dissecting it, skipping sound through various electronic devices and devices, changing it beyond recognition. Anton is the author of music for many famous documentary and feature films. His work in the painting by Marina Razbezhkina "Yar" was awarded with the prestigious M.Tariverdiyev prize of the Kinotavr film festival for the best music. Recorded and released two solo albums: "Mixing point Mock" (2003), "Imaginary landscapes with wind" (2012). A participant in joint recordings and performances with such famous musicians as Han Benning, Holland, Jun Kawasaki, Japan, Vladimir Volkov, Seinho, Rada & Ternovnik (Russia), Saadet Turkoz (Switzerland), Sergei Starostin (Russia), Spooky Action (USA), Alexey Borisov, Yury Yaremchuk.

Dmitry Saparin is an interesting and sought-after Russian musician, tuba. Cooperates with street theaters "Fiery People" and "High Brothers", with the creative workshop "Black square", the Theater named after NI Sats. He played in the collectives "Fortuna brass band" and "Bubamara brass band", the group "Points over E". The leader of his own project "Tinto Brass Band".

Anatoly Kozhaev is a laureate of numerous festivals and competitions (Togliatti Jazz, Togliatti, 2000, Jazz Parnassus, St. Petersburg, 2001, 2002, Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival (Moscow Idaho, USA 2009) ), Where he played with Monty Alexander, Claudio Roditi, Benny Green, Clayton Cameron and others). Cooperates with such musicians as Yakov Okun, Evgeny Grechishchev, Alina Rostotskaya, Pyotr Vostokov, Alexander Oseichuk, Oleg Kireev, Oleg Butman, Pavel Volya, Alexey Ivashenko, Frederik Belinsky and others. As an actor and musician, he was shot in the movies "Carnival Night 2 or 50 Years later "," Dubler "," Thaw "," Peter Leshchenko. All that has gone before…". The founder of the site "bigjazzbook.ru".

Denis Lipatov is a graduate of the State Mining and Metallurgical Institute. He is a regular participant of Moscow, blues and rock bands: Mishouris Blues Band, Zorky and others. He performed with concerts at film and music festivals Kinotavr, Motion, Two Days Fest, Jazz Manor, Bosco Fresh Fest, Delta Neva. He collaborated with foreign blues and rock musicians - JC Smith (USA), Robert Lighthouse (USA), Innes Sibun (GB).

Participation in festivals: 2016, 2017